You can track location, read messages, view images and videos, record calls and what not. However, the iPhone is susceptible to several “spy” programs (referred to as spyware) which record your text messages, emails, activities and even phone calls. Spy calls- spying calls can help you in clearing all your doubts with the help of this feature you can easily get all the recordings of the calls weather the calls are made or received by the person. The great extent of spying features along with the good customer support is what makes this spying software entirely distinct. Their advertizing has moved away from spying on spouses to the more ethical monitoring of kids and employees. Employee monitoring- if you are a business man or an employer then this application can help you a lot in monitoring the activities of the employees and increasing the productivity of your business. You can clear all your uncertainties on your spouse and can keep a check on your employees with the help of SpyAdvice App.

Parental control- the mobile spy software like the SpyAdvice app can be said as life-saving for the teens of today. Free Android Spy- with the help of SpyAdvice – Android Spy app, you can ensure the safety of your child from the ongoing cyber crimes. With the help of all the features stated above, you can catch your cheating spouse and can clear all your doubts. SMS spy- with the help of the SMS spy, you can easily know all the content of the message that is done by the person. There are infinite benefits that a person gets by using the monitoring application. It is vital that they know the apps their teens use and find the right apps to watch what their kids are doing online. Apps Installed and App Blocking are great features to give you extra control over what your children are exposed to when using their cell phones. View apps installed – this feature allows you to see all of the apps they have downloaded onto their cell phone. You will see just three options you can enable or disable. Scroll down each and every number and see the details.

You can know the time at which the particular number made the call. Know your state or country’s laws before attempting to spy on a cell phone. This is easy to set up in the Control Panel and you can be notified instantly by text, e-mail or both, direct to your phone. All the hangout messages send on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, etc can be tracked using this app. Things like YouTube, Facebook, messenger apps or even Internet access. Blocking individual apps can be very useful. These are eminently collectivist virtues, but they are not negligible, and they assure the individual a certain human dignity in the collectivity of mass men. Spy instant messages- the popular social networking sites have taken the globe with storms and the youngsters are more into it. If, as suggested, is affected by exposure to media, then this kind of research could inform the types of screen-based interactions we allow young children to have. This is perfectly legal for your own children under the age of consent in most countries.

It has the capacity to record conversations along with details like date stamp, time stamp, and call duration. Remote control- mobile theft is increasing day by day and if you use this feature you can record all the lost data. Mobile network operators in turn will have to address new cases that are data and media intensive. Free iPhone Spy- the iPhone spy software lets you have access to all the things that the target does with his mobile phones. Some offer things like web blocking, where you can totally block access to the Internet or to specific sites and with some you can track your children’s cell phone. Control how long and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block web sites, restrict access to Windows functions and more. They basically have a mini computer, but unlike their home PC it is not possible to be looking over their shoulder to keep a check on things – or is it? They have some unique features aimed at monitoring kids and adding some level of parental control.

Both of these programs have been busy adding features aimed at better monitoring of kids cell phones. In this article I will explore a couple of different ways to do this; using features available from some service providers, mainstream apps and the more comprehensive monitoring software programs. For younger kids, the more limited features from your service provider or mainstream apps may be all you need. Live control panel- how you will feel when you get everything at your fingertip and you don’t have to install other spy apps? The big difference between these and mainstream apps is that they are totally hidden – the kids don’t need to know that they are being monitored. Tracking of exact location is possible so you don’t have to mock around streets or rather getting tired just use this feature. Both have all the basic monitoring features you’d expect from spy software – monitoring texts, call logs, e-mail, web browsing history and GPS tracking.